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Been awhile yeah? Well I've been pretty busy. I'm about to post up a song i JUST got done making. Its a variant in production [VIP!!] of the song Lux Aeterna from the Requiem of a Dream movie.

I like how it turned out but I'm pretty sure i'm gunna spend the rest of the week mastering it and adding effects.

Look at this as a rough draft of the song :)

As ever if you have questions feel free to ask away!

So I was playing "Spore" [well the creature creator anyway] and i just had the urge to make a DnB track. This type of music isn't really my strong suit s so be gentle! give me 5 minutes and I'll post it up!

Rejoice and be glad! I finally posted up the remix of the Code Geass OST track called "Stories" Worked forever on this one please give it an ear mates :) Thanks for all the comments and tips so far.

Code Geass SMX VIP

2008-06-15 14:22:04 by ooSmXoo

Hey everyone!! Just got done making a VIP [Variant In Production] of the Anime serie's COde Geass song "Stories" I'll post it up as soon as I'm done mixing it down.

If you love it, leave comments! If you hate it leave comments too, i need all the feedback out there to get better at this. But if you're hating just to hate then just hit the back button mate :)